Weight Loss Success through Intermittent Fasting

A good proportion of the population want lose weight and we all have our own specific motivations for wanting to do so. From the want to lose weight to be healthy or just simply wanting to lose weight to improve our appearance, weight loss is a concern for many of us.

There are a many weight loss program available. A lot of diet and weight loss programs out there are about the type of food you eat ranging from eating less carbohydrates, less fat or increasing the protein intake. Even just cutting down on the amount of food consumed.

One popular weight loss method is not to concentrate on the type of food you eat at all. No concentration on carbs, fatty food, or protein intake but to focus on the timing of your food intake. In weight loss circles this is called intermittent fasting. This is a method you should definitely consider if you are looking to lose weight. Let’s see how it works…

With intermittent fasting one consumes the regular food intake consisting of breakfast, lunch or dinner but the biggie with intermittent fasting is that you consume all the food within a time frame. With this weight loss method, you consume the daily food intake within a time frame of say 4 to 8 hours.

Typically this might mean that you eat the first meal of the day at 10 o’clock in the morning and the last meal at 6 in the evening. Therefore you would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with in this time limit. The remainder of the time you are not eating any food whatsoever. During this fasting period, the only consumption is drinking calorie free liquids such as water.

Intermittent fasting is effective because it helps to cut down the levels of insulin in our body. Insulin is a hormone which converts glucose and sugar levels into fat. While fasting, you are cutting down on the levels of insulin and glucose in the body. However, the body, in order to function and maintain energy levels, needs a good level of blood glucose. The lack of insulin results in the body using something called the glucagon to produce glucose.

Glucagon works on the opposite principle to insulin, it takes fat from the body to produce glucose and thus maintain energy levels required to function. And while this process is in motion, we are losing weight. So when embarking on regular intermittent fasting we will lose weight! How fantastic is that?

This is a very effective weight loss strategy and is well worth trying. Especially given that intermittent fasting is actually easier then dieting. Continuation of a diet plan, for many of us is difficult. Diet plans are great but the behavioural change required to make it work can be difficult. With intermittent fasting, it is easier to implement after appreciating and understanding the notion there is no need to eat all the time.

As well as weight loss, there are other health benefits of intermittent fasting. Some of these benefits include the reduction of the possibility of diabetes, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. It can even extend your life span.

To summarise, with intermittent fasting, you are going food free for about two thirds to seventy five percent of the day.  And whatever food you eat takes place in the remaining time. Intermittent fasting is highly effective so do give it a try if you are looking to lose weight effectively.